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Effortless Communication

Integrating communication channels into a single platform enables seamless and automated messaging. These integrations allow you to send text messages, emails and voicemails directly from the system to the receiver. This improves communication efficiency and enables a targeted approach to your customers.

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Analytics automation

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with Easify's Analytics Automation. Gain unparalleled insights through real-time reporting. Effortlessly make data-driven decisions, ensuring your campaigns are always optimized for success. Elevate your marketing efforts with Easify's seamless Analytics Automation

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Seamless integration

Easify can integrate with other systems and applications to enhance its functionality. It supports integration with CRM software, workforce management tools, and third-party applications via APIs.

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Simplified Timeslot Booking

Use of software tools & technologies to automate and streamline marketing tasks and processes. Marketing automation improves efficiency, enables personalized marketing, and enhances customer engagement and conversion rates

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Popup and Form Builder

Engage and capture leads effortlessly with Easify's Popup and Form Builder. Create stunning popups and intuitive forms tailored to your brand. Seamlessly collect valuable information and boost conversions with ease. Elevate your marketing strategy with powerful, customizable tools designed for optimal engagement and results.

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Make you android phone a powerful SMS gateway

Easify Connect

connect mobile

Easify Connect is your go-to app for transforming your Android phone into a powerful texting machine. Once installed, it serves as a gateway, enabling seamless SMS and text messaging.

  • Turn Your Android into a Texting Powerhouse
    No more need for 3rd party integrations like Twilio, Plivo
    Take our application on the go & never miss a message
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Stay Connected Globally, Effortlessly

Easify Travel Companion

Travel Companion Mobile

With this innovative feature, you can make calls and send SMS from any corner of the world, all without the need for a physical SIM card or the inconvenience of roaming charges.

  • Roaming-Free: Cut expensive international charges
  • Global Connectivity: Calls and texts worldwide
  • Virtual SIM Convenience: No physical cards

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Easify has revolutionized our marketing efforts! The platform seamlessly automates emails and messages, significantly increasing our outreach efficiency. The bulk text messaging and email features are game-changers. Easify is our go-to platform for comprehensive and effective marketing strategies.
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Easify provides a versatile suite of services through a powerful platform that caters to a broad spectrum of industries. With a focus on automation and efficiency, our customer-centric solutions are designed to streamline operations, fortify customer relationships, and bolster marketing efforts. Our integrated platform is engineered to support diverse business operations, offering tools and strategies that are indispensable for any sector seeking to innovate and excel.