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Unlimited Call, SMS, Ringless, Voicemails
Easify centralizes all your communication tools, including SMS, email, and ringless voicemail, on one platform. Efficiently customize and manage every interaction from bulk campaigns to direct chats which increases efficiency and makes each customer touchpoint more effective.
Integrates with Existing Platforms
Easify connects with your existing tools to enhance SMS, email, and phone communications. By working together with your current systems, Easify simplifies your workflow, allowing you to manage customer interactions more efficiently without the need to manually transfer information.
Automation and
personalization features
Automate and personalize marketing with Easify. Schedule campaigns, create automated workflows, and personalize messages using spintax, AI, and client data. Target effectively with geo-matching for more engagement and efficient processes.
Data Security
The privacy of our users is paramount to us. We follow the highest standards of data security features to safeguard your digital information and keep it secure. Trust and transparency are the most important factors for marketers to consider in a data-driven world. Easify offers data protection tools to comply with data privacy regulations and build stronger and more trustworthy customer relationships.
DNC Scrubbing
Maintain TCPA compliance against Do Not Call Lists using Easify's DNC List Scrubber. The feature takes a lot of stress off your plate by categorizing and listing the numbers registered in the Do Not Call Registry as per the Tele Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to ensure complete safety.
Federal and State List Suppression
Scrubbing against TCPA, TCPA Trolls, DNC Complainers, and Federal DNC
Clean and Bad Numbers Listing
Identify Active or Inactive Numbers

Easify Gateways Introduction

With Easify gateways, you can connect with your customers securely. The gateways ensure seamless communication with your clients so that important messages are received.

Geo Tagging

Send messages securely without spamming

With our Geo Tagging Feature send messages securely without spamming, similar to how a VPN operates.

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