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Understanding Credits in Easify

Discover how voice calls, SMS, and other Easify features consume credits. Learn to use credits effectively
for impactful campaigns, better communication with your audience, and to leverage your conversion.

What are Easify Credits?

Credits act as the currency within Easify's platform, allowing you to spend on various marketing activities such as bulk SMS campaigns, calls, voicemails, ringless voicemails, video calls, and more. With credits at your disposal, you have the power to engage with your audience seamlessly across multiple channels.

Each action you take within Easify's platform consumes a certain amount of credits. Easify's pay-as-you-go model ensures that you only utilize the credits you need for your specific marketing initiatives.

Easify provides tools for monitoring and managing your credit balance. Keep track of your credit usage in real time, set up alerts for low balances, and explore detailed reports to optimize your marketing expenditures effectively.

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